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Helping Teachers Create a Memorable Profile Video

Improve Your Video  -  Book More Students  -  Make More Money

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Are you struggling to make a teacher profile video?

Do you feel awkward on camera?

Is it time to refresh your profile and video?

Does video editing seem impossible?

Do you wish you had help?

Are you better in-class than you are on video?

Do you make mistakes when the camera starts rolling?

Teacher Testimonials

"Bless your heart, Michael. I knew I hadn't given you much to work with. You have truly worked a miracle."

- Ms. Mona

"Without your help I'd probably still be googling 'how to edit videos'. Thankfully, I'm not."

- Teacher Sam

"Michael's version of my video is much better than the old version. Thank you, I'm actually proud of it now."

- Teacher Josh