Hey, I'm Michael!
I want to help you work from home as an online teacher.  

For over 3 years I've been working diligently to provide helpful advice 

and guidance for both new and veteran online teachers. 

A lot of the information I have created can be found here. If you find these resources helpful and would like to see more, come find me on YouTube.  

Are you ready? Let's GO!  

If you're applying to VIPKid, it's advisable to find yourself a mentor who can help guide you into the world of online ESL teaching. 


I'd love to be that person. 


All of my VIPKid referrals will receive access to the password protected part of my website where they can enjoy additional resources. 


Additional resources include mock class walk throughs, my intro video script and tutorials, and the option for a 1-1 coaching call if needed.    

Selecting a company.

The online teaching industry is growing at such a fast rate these days. With so many new companies popping up it can be difficult to know who you can trust and which ones to apply to. I only recommend companies that I endorse or have taught for. 


VIPKid is a leader in the online ESL industry and for several years running has been ranked in the "Top 10 Remote Work Opportunities" by Forbes. 

At VIPKid you teach 25 minute, 1-1 classes to students in China. 

Earn up to $22/hr. 

Get TESOL Certified

For $19, the TESOL certification offered through the International Open Academy is great value for money. This course is internationally recognized and will allow you to meet the TESOL requirements for companies like VIPKid, GoGoKid, and others. 

Quick. Easy. Affordable. 


Outschool is an exciting option because it allows teachers the freedom to set their own prices and teach the things they're most passionate about. 

At Outschool, you teach small group classes through Zoom and can choose your own rates, class size and subject matter.  


Want to experience what a VIPKid classroom looks and feels like? Watch this video featuring footage of me interacting with real students.

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