Teacher Profile Tips

It doesn't matter where you teach, having a professional online profile is essential to your success. 

Creating an ESL Intro Video

In this video you'll learn how to create a compelling intro video for your ESL profile in 1-take. This approach requires no editing and is perfect for ESL teachers who are intimidated by the tech side of things. 

Creating an Outschool Intro Video

Outschool allows you to teach any subject or class you want so the intro video is a little less formulaic that its ESL counterparts. This is how I approached the creation of my Outschool intro video.  

Get the "Intro Video Guide to Success"

A FREE resource to help you identify and avoid the 5 most common mistakes teachers make when creating their intro video.  

Create a Profile Photo

Learn how to stand out from the crowd by creating a professional and fun profile picture.  

Write A Bio

In my experience I've found that a simply written bio highlighting your teaching style and experience works best. In this video I'll read and analyze my own.