My Favourite Products

Here you'll find a list of products that I have tested, use and recommend.  

Essential Classroom Technology

A shortlist of lighting, audio, and webcam options. 

*some of these are affiliate links

Video Conference Lighting

Perfect for when you need a little extra boost of light.  

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Broadcast Lighting Kit

Perfect for full-time remote teachers and content creators.  

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YouTube Lighting Setup

My primary lighting setup for teaching and YouTube.

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Bluetooth Headset

An affordable wireless headset option.  

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Bluetooth Earbuds

Discrete and powerful bluetooth opiton.  

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HD Webcam

The camera I use when teaching through Zoom.

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Non-Essential Classroom Technology

Backup WiFi, USB hub, & microphone. 

Backup / Travel WiFi

For storm days, power outages, & trips abroad.  

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4 Port USB Hub

Helpful when connecting more than one USB device.  

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USB Microphone

If you feel the need for top quality audio in your classroom.

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Need I say more.   

14" Monster Puppet

My most trusted classroom assistant.

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Movable Mouth Puppet

Have conversations with a movable mouth puppet. 

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